who we are

About us

COMPROMISO, believes that gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but the necessary basis to achieve peace, prosperity and sustainability. For this reason, through the different Programs and Projects of Asociación Compromiso, we promote the full and effective participation of women at all decision-making levels in political, economic and public life, in order to achieve Influential Talented Women.

About us

Compromiso is a non-profit organization of a social nature, founded in Iquitos, on January 8, 2022. According to registry item No. 11133570, registry zone No. 4, Iquitos headquarters, Maynas office; and registered in the National Superintendence of Tax Administration (SUNAT) with RUC number 20609080711. Registered in APCI according to Directorial Resolution No. 199-2022/APCIDOC

Our mission

Promote access to comprehensive and innovative products and services that contribute to the social, economic and personal independence of poor women in the Peruvian Amazon.

Our vision

To be an organization recognized for its committed work to achieve gender equality through the empowerment of talented women living in poverty in the Peruvian Amazon.

What we Do


Social Inclusion in the Peruvian Amazon, is a comprehensive program that addresses social inclusion from a perspective of economic and financial sustainability of the families that benefit from the program. Its transversal axes are the gender approach and the transforming approach, which promote the generation of changes in the thinking and behavior of women, the same that impact their ability to respond to situations that affect their lives and their businesses.

Financial products and/or projects

  • Communal Banks
  • Loans to microentrepreneurs
  • Community Savings
  • Seed capital for vulnerable people

Non-financial products and/or projects

  • Financial and social education
  • Strengthening organization and solidarity
  • Health services
  • Green Commitment

What we Do

Our values

We believe that people are created equal and should be treated fairly. The poor, especially poor women, deserve to have access to financial services in a proper manner.
The staff of Compromiso have the following values in their work:










Where we work

Intervention areas

We support women in the Peruvian Amazon. Since our launch in 2022, it has been growing steadily, reaching women in underserved rural communities where the demand is high. We currently provide financial loans and savings services to clients in the district of Belén, San Juan Bautista, Iquitos y Punchana y Provincia de Loreto, distrito Nauta.

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