January 8, 2023. Recreational complex of the College of Public Accountants of Loreto.
Goal accomplished: 600 members and their families participated in this First Meeting; 200 children received dental care, toothbrushes and toothpastes, 100 children participated in the “Salvaplanetas” workshop, 50 members received ophthalmological care.
Together with our members we enjoy a holiday, joy, fellowship, exchange, volleyball, soccer, bingo, raffles… enthusiasm, energy, affection…
Thanks to the Charity vision foundation our members received ophthalmological attention, thanks to GATIA our children participated in a theatrical workshop “Salvaplanetas”, thanks to the volunteer dentists Priscilla, Indira and Chalton, the children received fluoridation, toothbrushes and toothpastes, thanks to MARVAL for their contribution with food baskets, thanks to the Yuimachi family and Nena García for donating prizes for the raffle, thanks to HENUKI we were able to raffle food baskets and school backpack kits.
Thanks to my team for their commitment and to everyone for their good energy and affection, we look forward to seeing you at the II Meeting 2024.